Message from the Executive Director

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Welcom to AMGS

Securing and developing human resources in ST&I field and establishment of international
cooperation systems are important elements to reinforce the national competitiveness in the
21st century.

APEC Mentoring Center the Gifted in Science (AMGS), we carry out Cross Mentoring Research
Activity to make academic relationship between scientists and teen researchers from
APEC economies. To support the constructive relationship, the projects organizing networks with
domestic and foreign institutes have been conducted since 2007.

I strongly believe AMGS does our best in accomplishing the roles given by member economies
to overcome gaps in field of ST&I in the region, to develop future manpower from the early stage,
as well as to nurture mutual cooperation and community consciousness through various
exchanges among APEC economies.

We look forward to your warm attentions and support for cultivating teen researchers
through AMGS. Thank you.

With best,
Prof. KIM, Kiho