Objectives & Roles

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To promote Cross Mentoring Research Activities through a network between Mentors & Mentees

To build and operate the Mentor-Mentee pool among scientist, science education professionals and gifted students in science from APEC Economies for continuing exchange programs and joint research activities


Operating On-off line Education Activities for perspective human resources in the field of Science & Technology

  • : Supporting Cross Mentoring Research Activities (on-line activity)
  • : Publication of APEC Youth Scientist Journal
  • : Hosting APEC Future Scientist Conference (off-line activity)

Outcome Sharing and International Cooperation

  • : Reporting project progress at APEC PPSTI meetings as an on-going project
  • : Preparing joint cooperation among other international organizations such as ASEAN, UNESCO and UN
  • : Introducing AMGS Program at various international conferences and activities

Taking the role as a hub for the prospective human resources in field of S&T Field.

  • : Operating a pool among Mentors and Mentees
  • : Network Building among educational institutes for positive cooperation
  • : Acting as an official channel to invite prosperous human resources to Korea