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With the support of the Ministry of Science and ICT, APEC Mentoring Center for Gifted in Science(AMGS) has been operating the mentoring program for academic exchange between experts who want to share experiences and knowledge (Mentor) and young students who have passion for science but less experience (Mentee) in APEC member economies.

AMGS has been conducting multi-way communication research activities for almost 10 years to expand to the APEC region with the know-how of utilizing online platforms that have been utilized domestically for several years and contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

To present the results of research activity is an opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet and discuss their research in depth through online communication.

It is also the beginning of cooperation that will serve as the basis for future growth as a researcher by sharing research results with researchers and experts of the same age and reviewing the quality of research.

Also, it is the beginning of cooperation that can be shared with peer researchers and experts to reconsider the quality.


Mentees of APEC CMRA

recommended teen researchers in APEC region

Expected effect

Expecting academic development by sharing the researched results of Mentee who take part in the APEC CMRA activity with a wide range of subjects.

Sharing research ideas, motivating and networking through expert and peer review.

Promotion effects on APEC CMRA activity by sharing the results of online conference with various youth researchers during this pandemic.

Expecting the spread of international cooperation projects to enhance the diversity and importance of youth research activities by sharing programs with other international youth education institutions.